I was checking out my hometown Chicago Tribune tonight and came across more details about the new ESPNChicago, which will launch in the next month or so.   Comcast is working to do the same thing on TV.

This is just the latest in a series of moves all attacking the future of local sports.  I know the ABC station in Miami has been cutting sports more and more lately; I also read recently that at least one station in Scranton, Pennsylvania did the same thing.

But, to me, that’s throwing in the towel – get it!  In some ways, many local sportscasts play right into ESPN or FOX Sports’ hands by not staying local.  They run the big national stories that are leading ESPN, but they can’t give it the time or perspective the national sports networks cans.  I’m not suggesting the A-Rod announcement from last week should not run; I am suggesting if there were other big local sports stories, make sure those make the sportscast as well.  And work as hard as possible to keep that local sports web page updated.

To me, one of our local salvations could be high school sports.  My company, Gannett did that, buying:


We need to keep shooting those high school basketball and soccer games, tell those incredible local sports athlete profiles.  I don’t want to see ESPNWestMichigan in 2011.