BusinessWeek has a big special report on how network television needs to reinvent itself.  There are a series of articles which are worth a read.

I have written quite a few blog entries about the idea that local television needs to reinvent itself.  I think many stations and groups have made a lot of progress – engaging social networkers, getting everyone involved in shooting video, feeding more and more screens with content.  And people are noticing and consuming more of that content every month.

It Starts With This

It Starts With This

But I don’t think we have gone anywhere near as far as we can, should or need to.  I have a few random thoughts and could use yours.  For example,

  1. We aggregate local headlines on our site from other media; Google News is king at this.  Do we adopt the same idea for television – running each other’s actual stories?  How would that work?
  2. TV and newspaper newsrooms worked on building partnerships for years, which would include joint reporting.  Could two local TV stations ever jointly break a story?  It might happen if we all finally realize we’re not each other’s main competitors.  Those, to me, are the web, our cell phones and ever-busier lifestyles.
  3. Could a TV brand survive if the station didn’t actually produce the news?  What I mean is this: a station, WXXX, goes out of the news business in terms of producing newscasts.  But a few reporters are kept and produce stories that are sold and run by competitor WYYY with WXXX’s name still on them.

OK, I admit those ideas may not fly in spring 2009.  But how many of us in 2007 thought FOX and NBC stations in major markets like Philadelphia would be sharing video daily?

What ideas do you have?