I am keeping up on our annual broadcasters convention on Twitter (hashtags #rtnda and #nab), as well as the RTNDA web site, which is using CoverItLive to cover the biggest seminars.)

Today’s big event seemed to be about how to use new technology to better cover our communities.   And I think it looks and feels like entrepreneurial thinking  because there is always some risk in using new technology in place of old.

There are a quickly growing number of journalists using tools like TwitPic, Twitterific and dozens more to bring their followers to news conferences, breaking news and more – and it’s not on the station’s website!  Twitter didn’t promote this as a journalistic tool – some bright journalist started using it and word-of-mouth spread its use.

I’m not knocking it; I full support the use of Twitter in my newsroom, or Information Center.  We have found stories; we have lined up interview subjects for our newscasts; we have hundreds of followers just on our automated feed of story headlines.  And I will bet 1/2 of those followers don’t watch our TV newscasts.

So why do it?  Because, as an entrepreneur would do, we have to take risks.  We have to try different ways to reach our customers on their turf, knowing we will make nothing now and, perhaps, ever.  You can change out Twitter for Facebook and make the same argument – and I’ll discuss Facebook at a later time.

My point is this: Bravo to Steve Safran and Chip Mahaney for leading a discussion of new technology, risk-taking, flag-planting toward our journalistic, entrepreneurial future.  It’s meetings like this that keep me so excited about what’s going on now and what’s to come.