Hearst-Argyle Television, which owns stations in two dozen cities, recently asked Frank M. Magid Associates to do a survey of those communities to gauge how effective TV newscasts still are.

You can read the results here, but suffice it to say, more local people are turning to TV news now in the midst of these very uncertain times.

Now, I know what you may be thinking – why all the worry?  Why the huge push toward all this new media?

Because, in my opinion, we in the electronic media still have to.  I will give you just a few of my reasons why:

  • As I wrote in an earlier post, the next generation’s choice for information is still unknown.
  • Web traffic, in general, is still exploding.  While this is good news, in general, local TV newscast viewing is going in the opposite direction.
  • All this social networking is given journalists an immediate connection to our customers we never could have had with even just e-mail, let alone faxes and phone calls.

What I see from this study is that local TV news is not imploding to the level many newspapers are, and that gives us some time to get our digital priorities straight and be fully prepared for what’s to come.  Do you agree?  Take this poll and let me know.