I want to keep this blog going, despite the demands of the new job I just took in Sacramento.  And there’s been a lot happening in our business since I last wrote here.

   First, I was excited to hear that the Grand Rapids’ Knight Foundation project has a name – The Rapidian – and will launch in August!  For more information or to keep tabs, click here to see the project’s Facebook page.   If anyone knows of a strong Northern California community journalism project or group, comment here or e-mail me at tgeraghty@news10.net.

   iPhone can now shoot video and my former EP, Adrienne Roark, and her Miami newsroom at CBS 4 shot a story on the phone about lines for the phone.  I know stations have shot parts of or whole stories on Flip cameras (BTW, I am going to start shooting short videos for this site with my new Flip, thanks to the best 4 teenage girls I know!)

   And Steve Brill is leading a group that will soon start a website that will work with publishers to start a paid web model.  I know from first-hand knowledge we in the media are not making what we should from our web sites.  But I am also still not convinced people will pay unless it is truly unique content and not even the Wall Street Journal is making it work totally as a paid model.

   We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.