I know for many media organizations – and Gannett is one of them – these are certainly not the best of economic times.  Frankly, they’re the worst times I have seen in my 21 years in TV.

But enough of that!  Here’s why I headlined this article this way:

  1. We have more ways than ever to find information.  For example, just today, the Society of Professional Journalists started this new site with hundreds of links.  When I was working in Decatur, Illinois in 1988, all this information was also stored in one place – the LIBRARY!
  2. Access to information on how consumers are using media is easier to access than ever (this Ketchum press release tells it like it is.)
  3. One of our MMJ’s, Nick Monacelli, did a story at a local university during the Inauguration.  We did another one that night at a local theater.  One group watched amid the glow of open cell phones and computer screens; one did not.  Guess the ages of each group!

My point is this: we can hold onto the hope that TV will still remain the media of choice, at least until we retire!  Or, we can realize we have to be engaged in this wonderful, multi-platform world, learn some new lingo and see what sticks with customers interested in local news and information.  This is how I plan to personally survive thrive in this quickly-changing times.