Google is the top web search company, but you already knew that.  But did you know about Google’s new connection to hyper-local news?

Lost Remote, one of the best TV blogs out there, recently wrote about Patch, a new network of news and information web sites in New Jersey.  Its founder – Google executive Tim Armstrong.

As many public media companies struggle along with the rest of Wall Street, here’s a man with money and it seems a mission.  He’s also written extensively about what he sees as the future of information distribution.

I think the arrival of the 4 Grand Rapids’ Neighborhood News Bureaus is a great opportunity for this community to create its own Patch-like network of hyperlocal information.  I appreciate how the Community Foundation and Community Media Center are reaching out to the commercial local media to help form and to help figure out how to distribute this content.

Who knows this community better than the people already living here – and covering it?