As many of you know, Jason picked Molly…. after picking Melissa, then dumping her for Molly, a Catholic Central grad.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here.

So, it that news?  Is it a top story?

I say yes.  Frankly, so did the thousands of customers who used our website for West Michigan news.  They made it our top story 2 days straight.

The Grand Rapids Press also believed it was front page news.  As Editor Mike Lloyd’s column points out today, many of their readers disagreed.  I agree with Mike and with Entertainment Editor John Gonzalez.  Gonzo told Mike,

We can debate all we want… It’s whatever people are talking about….

I encourage you to read the column and vote in the poll – right now, those who disagree with the idea are winning 70-30.

On a similar note, I listened to CNN’s Sunday morning news program on XM.  It was the hour with Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post.  They had a similar discussion about what’s news – their discussion focused on the Rihanna/Chris Brown story.  Many of our top newspapers gave it barely any coverage, including the New York Times, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune.   Howard and TMZ’s Harvey Levin said of this story what Gonzo said about the Bachelor – it’s what people are talking about, therefore it’s news.

I have said many times in our Information Center that news is what people are talking about.  Here’s another way to look at it:

We need to give our customers enough of what they want to hear, along with what we believe they need to know.  If not, We won’t have them as a customer much longer.

And beside, if you don’t like what’s above the fold on the front page, flip it over!