One of our executive producers, Stanton Tang, e-mailed me this article today.  In it, GateHouse had sued the New York Times because the Times’ sister paper, the Boston Globe, had put GateHouse headlines and first sentences on a local site.

While we don’t know what the settlement was, the fact there was a suit to begin with bothers me.  In my opinion, we in the traditional media want our content in as many places as possible.  The Globe was even linking back to the GateHouse site.  GateHouse said some ad positions may have been avoided with the links.  But, imagine how much more traffic those sites would have received.  And, who’s next for GateHouse – Google and Yahoo! News?

We are doing the same thing with our local competitors, minus the first sentence of the story. Here’s the link: look half-down the page on the right.  We do the same thing on our Lakeshore page.  The way we look at it, why give the aggregators exclusivity?