President and Mrs. Obama Tonight

President and Mrs. Obama Tonight

I was among millions of Americans who watched President Obama’s Inauguration today and felt like it’s the start of a new day for America (even if the market felt like reliving our real-life version of ‘Groundhog Day!’)

Chris Brogan, who visited my company’s HQ recently and who blog I subscribe to in my Google Reader, challenged his readers to determine what 3 words they would live by in 2009.  I also subscribe to Tom Peters, who created a new PDF listing 19 words to live by in 2009 (get it here.)

So, here are my 3 words.  For my Twitter followers, what are yours?

1. Learn – I realize every day there is a new website that I know nothing about.  I find books in my house I have not yet read but want to – and now have 20 on my desk!  I realize there are places in West Michigan, this country, this world I want to understand and one day visit.  And there are new adventures for my beautiful wife and 3 daughters that I want to know about every day.  Learning truly is a lifelong passion.

2.  Laser-Focus – I’m calling that one word!  There are dozens of distractions every day: from man and machine alike.  I could spend all day reviewing cool web sites and imagine how it could help us become better journalists.  But, our time is our most valuable resource, the one we often can control and the one we often regret when reviewing how we spent it.  This pledge for me is about my life at the office and at home.  I have already started this and can already see my to-do lists getting done quicker.  (David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’ was a huge help here.   Ask me why.)

3.  Laugh – Every day the economic news seems to get a little worse.  And I know money is tight for a lot of people.  But,  those who say money can’t buy happiness are right.  Some of the happiest people I know make far less than me.  And laughing a few times a day sure beats the opposite.