At last week’s final first-round meetings for the proposed Grand Rapids Neighborhood News Bureaus, I sat in on two discussions.  The first one, by far, was the most fascinating.  The topic wound up becoming: What is news to a NNB?

I have to admit I came in with my own ideas.  To me, a bureau could really get hyper-hyper-local on stories like:

  • Positive economic news, like small business openings
  • People in that neighborhood doing good, helping others
  • Even some middle and high school sports

That’s what I thought.  The members of the group had some other ideas:

  • Does it have to be words?  What about art?
  • The NNB site(s) should have a place for poetry.

I also read recently a fascinating post by the Knight Digital Media Center’s Michele McLellan that asks this simple question:

I sometimes hear journalists wondering how citizens might be trained to be journalists. I always want to flip that—What will citizens teach journalists about community and civic engagement?

So what do you think?  Can both definitions live in a NNB?  Which one do you lean more toward?