Journalists try not to get involved in their stories, working to stay objective and cover whatever issue it is fairly and without bias.  That’s the idea.

Then our economy took a nosedive as our media industry was undergoing its own revolution.  And now, we’re covering our collective furloughs, layoffs and closings.

Jill Geisler, who works for a journalistic think tank called the Poynter Institute, recently published a letter to non-journalistic employers with 10 Great Reasons why to hire a journalist.   Even if you think you are totally secure, the article will make you feel better about everything we do.

This afternoon, I joined Jill and other current, former and future journalists at an online chat on Poynter’s website (read the log here).  It was a great mix of people at various points in their career, giving and getting advice as well as listening and learning how others are working to make the best of a time most of us have not lived through before.  They asked a question that I would like to ask you to answer below.  Thanks.