Now it seems I can’t go a day without finding another example of a commercial media company going hyper-local.  Today, on a NAPTE newsletter, I found this:

Hearst-Argyle’s goal is to allow local residents to discuss news topics important to their community and to upload their own photos and videos. The first u local area was launched in Dec ’08 by WMUR in Manchester, New Hampshire and according to Hearst-Argyle generated tens of thousands of submissions in the first week alone.

I took a look at WMUR’s site.  It definately has a lot of photos and comments from local customers.  But it’s no different, to me, than what we (WZZM), WOOD and a lot of other TV stations and newspapers are already offering.

I do think the NY Times’ Local is one example of truly hyper-local; so is Google’s Patch.  And that’s why I am so excited Grand Rapids will have its own hyper-local journalists soon (join this Facebook page to be a part of the discussion.)