I wrote last week about what I think we, as journalists, can learn from entrepreneurs.  I am still personally very optimistic about our future.  To me, our communities will still want information from people and organizations that are as free from bias as possible and who have the ability those in power accountable.  Sadly, I do think many communities will lose newspapers (including possibly San Francisco).  And, in these quickly evolving times, we need to find and test new ways to bring these products to our communities without fear of failure.  If it fails, readjust and try again.

Now, why I titled this entry that way.  One of fellow Twitter-ers, @maniactive (also known as Laura Bergallis), suggested I combine both names into a new name: jentrepreneur.  It’s starting to grow on me.  If you have a comment, let me know.

Tomorrow, I am honored to be joining Roberta King from the Community Foundation on WGVU’s Newsmaker program, hosted by Patrick Center.  It’s a great opportunity to get more of the community engaged in this great project.  When I can post some clips, I will.