I should have written this last night – but my head was spinning from all the ideas I had in my head after a 2.5 hour get-together with a group of local entrepreneurs!  (I have to thank my friend Paul Doyle, fellow Evans Scholar and Founder of technology company Proofspace for the invite.)

What I felt like last night! (in a good way...)

What I felt like last night! (in a good way...)

I have a new appreciation for what these business leaders try to do every day and how they approach their passions – and that’s the part I think we can use to stay upbeat, even as our publicly-held media companies continue to tank!

Media Company Stock Chart! OK, enough pictures!  What I want to say is this:

  1. The entrepreneurs I met last night – and the ones I know in my own extended family – have such unbelievable energy it becomes infectious!  Local content creation can also be exciting.  I want to find ways to keep that leel up every day.
  2. They are not afraid to try things, to blow things up that are not working, are not focused on just keeping the business stable.  The people I spent time with last night seem to always be looking for the next idea, to see how A connects to B to C and so on.  We have a lot of great ideas floating around our industry and I know money is tight.  But I also know no company has ever cut its way to success.  We have to continue to innovate!
  3. We need to get out of our buildings more often.  I could feel the difference personally being in that room as opposed to an afternoon in my office.  Connecting with the right people, for no other reason than exchanging stories and ideas, is a fantastic experience!
  4. All these people appear to live with their cup overflowing – or at least 4/5 full!

Local media companies need to find ways to stay relevant to their customers by producing products they find interesting, timely and in the right form or screen.

Now what am I missing?  What else do we need to add to make this work?