I recommend you read this study if you want to know anything about teen behavior online – or spend a few hours in the evening at my house with my teenagers!

    Here was the part that really stuck out to me, as someone in the business of creating and marketing local information:

  1. 94% visit Google or Yahoo! weekly
  2. About half visit cnn.com or msnbc.com
  3. Just 27% visit a local TV site

    Local newspaper sites don’t rank that higher, either.  Where am I going with this?

     I think part of the Neighborhood News Bureau plan needs to focus on what I would call a viral marketing strategy.   Here are a few of my specific ideas:

  1. The crowd we have attracted to our Facebook page is my age, not my teenage daughters’ ages!  We need to produce some content they find interesting (the study showed teens are ‘interestable’.)
  2. We should find a couple teens who know Facebook and ask them how to target those influencers the teens use for content.
  3. Several TV stations in town are affiliates of CNN.  Its site often pulls interesting local content onto either its main site or here on the national page.  I pulled tonight’s Midwest list:

CNN Logo


   Imagine one of the NNB stories on this page.  The traffic – and exposure – would be huge.  That’s one of the benefits working with the commercial TV stations can bring.