There’s been a lot written recently about how teens and young people use media, specifically the web.   The research got me thinking about how we could use this information to help frame the Neighborhood News Bureaus to reach them.

What Millions of Teens Are Doing Daily

What Millions of Teens Are Doing Daily

Tim Windsor (gotta like guys named Tim) wrote a long blog entry about Dan Tapscott’s ‘Grown Up Digital’.  One of the key points has to do with how teens, all of them digital natives, want a tailored message to them or, better yet, one they can customize and personalize.   As we have discussed, we need to tailor some content widgets for their Facebook and MySpace pages.  Frankly, let’s invite teens into the conversation now so we can include them on the front side.

I see this with my own teenage daughters, but Tapscott’s book also talks about how teens like to mix entertainment with work.  Who hasn’t seen a 16-year old doing homework while watching You Tube and listening to their iPod.  And ace the test!  They trust others to help guide them to information.  For these NNB’s to work with a teen crowd, we should try to find those teen influencers in the city’s high schools and community centers.

Tomorrow, where teens go – and don’t go – to get their news and what ;essons we in the media should learn from that.