I know we should more next week about how the Grand Rapids Community Foundation and Community Media Center want to structure the process for opening Neighborhood News Bureaus.  But that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about the project.

We all know the web will be a big part of this: what sites get the content and in what form are still to be decided.  But, beyond the web, what other ways?

Do we set up an automatic Twitter account, the way we have for my station, WZZM 13?  I ask because I have heard from at least one person who uses Twitter on his mobile phone the updates are too short for phones and the URL is tough to get on a cell phone.  That’s one of the questions we’ll need to answer.

TV, despite all of the bashing it’s taken lately, is still a powerful form of media.  We’d have to figure out which content is going air on TV, what station(s) and, most importantly, how to let the community know.

We also cannot forget about that percentage of our community that either by choice or budget does not have home or office access to the internet.  How would we best hit those people?  Would we consider a newsletter that summarizes these?  And how about our Spanish-speaking Southwest side?  Do you create a 2-language bureau on that side of the city and use radio and newspaper to reach them?

Help me fill in the answers?  Join the discussion on the Facebook page the Foundation and CMC set up.