Our group overall seemed very positive about the prospects for a network of people covering specific Grand Rapids neighborhoods.  Obviously, we had a lot of questions, some of which may not be answered until the first one is operational.

For example, for that person to succeed, they will need to be connected to what’s happening in that neighborhood.  And who wouldn’t want to play up the positives where they live and downplay the negatives?

I believe everyone has some level of bias, no matter what they claim!  No one is free of having no opinion on any issue.   Editorial processes in newsrooms across the country help remove as much of that as is possible.  If this NNB is staffed with just one person, a check-and-balance system would need to be developed.

The NewsU Website

The NewsU Website

The people staffing the NNB’s will need training, in both journalistic areas as well as technical requirements of their gear.  NewsU, run by the Poynter Institute and funded by the same Knight Foundation that sponsors this project, has dozens of free, online, self-taught courses.  And I’m sure the commercial media will help fill in the technical gaps.  It’s in all our best interests.