It’s interesting our perspective on things.   At yesterday’s meeting to discuss Grand Rapids Neighborhood News Bureaus (NNB’s), I had tweeted as the meeting started (twitter name: timgeraghtywzzm) ‘… good diverse group.  I liked how commercial media were even or slightly outnumbered by those outside that world.  However, Andy Dragt from Rapid Growth Media, who had a lot of great ideas, sent out this tweet: ‘lots of traditional newsy-type folks’  That’s what I love about having all these divergent viewpoints!

Now, onto my headline topic.  The more I think I about this, the more I think all parties can win with this, if everyone opens their minds to new ways of thinking:

Commercial Media WINS when we have access to new sources and new multi-media content shot in communities most of us visit only for big events, whether those are positive or negative.  The sources these NNB’s can help us develop would enrich all our content, whichever way the community digests it.

The community WINS when they know they have a NNB that is there to help them in their daily lives: celebrate community successes, help uncover community problems and use the right technology to get the word out about what’s happening in that part of town.  I think a key here is knowing that community well enough to know how they consume their news: web may not work for all.

And the Community Media Center and Grand Rapids Foundation WIN when we help them develop a model that serves as a model, not only for Grand Rapids, but for Kent County, Michigan and the country!  Check out West Seattle Blog for an example of a site that works and pays its bills!  The excellent web site Lost Remote wrote about this site and its successes recently.