For years, AIM ruled the chat world.  Now, we have dozens, if not hundreds, of options.  We have used a few here at WZZM.  I am wondering what software your news organzation uses for interact with your connected customers:

  1. Shoutmix.  This is what we use for our moderated chats, in conjunction with our Mogulus player for on camera chats.  This happens at least several times a week.  (Here’s our page:
  2. CoverItLive.  I need to learn a little more about this but, if you have used this, tell me how it’s better than Shoutmix.
  3. Live Messenger/AIM.  A few Gannett stations use these to connect online with customers.
  4. Twitter.  We used this quite a bit during the Elections and for the Inauguration.  This is the one I like the best for its easy of use.  (my Twitter name is timgeraghtywzzm).

What do you think about all this?