This is my last day in the office for 2008.  We (at WZZM 13) had quite a year:

  • Big stories: a building explosion, helicopter crash on a hospital roof
  • The launch of our Information Center, which means we look at ourselves not only as journalists, but also as providers of local information from school closings and sports scores to community events.
  • New platforms (iPhone, Twitter as 2 examples) and new skills (the number of people who can shoot video has almost tripled this year!)

And we did all this while dealing with what may be the worst business environment many of us have ever worked in.  If you are not in the media business, think about how your use of media has changed in the past few years:

  • How often do you still physically pick up a paper?
  • Do you visit lots of web sites, or aggregate them in your RSS reader or Twitter account (yes to both for me!)

Our challenge in the media is how to monetize these so we can continue to cover our communities and hold those in power accountable for what they do.

2009 will be an interesting year for the media (dire if you read Diane Mermigas’ latest column).  Still, I can’t wait to get going after the New Year!