Welcome to my blog, which I hope to get to at least once a day.

Today I wanted to start with a topic that will only get bigger over the next 6 weeks or so: the DTV transition.

If you or someone you know needs a coupon for their analog, non-cable or satellite TV, tell them to order it tomorrow.  This article is one of many that is saying the program could run out of money before everyone who needs a coupon gets one – or you may not get the coupon before the February 17th deadline.  People also don’t realize the coupons expire!  If they do, you can’t order any more from your address. Find a family member or friend who does not need any coupons and ask them to order for you.

I work at WZZM, the ABC station in West Michigan.  We will be doing multiple tests in almost every key daypart on Wednesdays, starting again January 7th.  If you live in another market, check with your TV station to make sure you can ‘Test Your TV’ before the deadline.